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Dad Life Video

Dad Life Video

In case you’re wondering…I am not ALLĀ business, I like some fun too. šŸ™‚ Oh boy! Ā This is a goodie….. I think it fits well for Jack Burns. Ā IĀ can relate to it so well–because I’m always grillin’ something each week. Ā And I really relate to that line, “the weeds in my Fescue” and the dad with …

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Not Original | But It Is KICK BUTT!!

Ok, I know this is cheesy and not original….I saw it in another guy’s blog…..but it is KICK BUTT!! ….and shall we say, “it’s on topic”! Plus, it was a good excuse for me to learn how to embed a video….so there’s the truth! …Enjoy! CALLOWAY – I WANNA BE RICH Related Posts:Dad Life Video