WordPress Blog Setup | It’s EZ!

WordPress Blog Setup | It’s EZ!

WordPress Blog Setup | It’s EZ!

One great thing about using the WordPress platform for your blog, is that the WordPress blog setup is so EZ.   I was not timing it, but I’m certain the install from my iPage hosting service (affiliate link) was less than one minute — now that is fast and EZ.

I pretty much NOT a geek and have dabbled only slightly before with any blogging, but had a geek partner that did the techie stuff back then, so I’m going in fairly blind as a newbie.

I found an article by Pat Flynn here and one by Lisa Barone here that were very helpful for WordPress blog setup.   Pat shared 19 plugins and Lisa shared 5 plugins plus some other important setup stuff like Feedburner, Google analytics and blog backup.  I never even thought of Blog Backup…glad I saw that one.

A few of them are tracking visitors and other advanced goodies that I don’t have a clue about yet, but I went ahead and loaded them anyway.  I left them in the default modes and hopefully in the future how to maximize their potential will become more clear.

Also, the share buttons are important, but I already a fan of AddThis, so I’m going to stick with them here for now.  They seem to me to make the best “share” button with over 80+ share link/icons and even the button itself is customizable and EZ to setup.  I prefer it immensily over the others.

Oh boy!  Those are really 2 great blog posts!  I can already feel the newbie skin peeling away.

I also learned more coolness from Syahir Hakim, the creator of the Graphene theme, which is the free theme that I’m using for my blog.  I learned from him how to setup a child them fast and EZ.  From there, I was able to modify the code as I wish to make the theme parameters look different and more to my liking…which for me was mainly adjusting the width of everything.

The child theme allows the changes, yet protects the main Graphene theme so when Syahir makes upgrades to main Graphene theme later, there should be no hiccups due to my special parameter changes.  You can find out a lot more about Syahir and his Graphene theme here at his developer blog page.

I still need to finish tweaking my child theme slightly, but other than that, I have this WordPress Bog setup done.  If Jack Burns can do this WordPress blog setup, so can you.  It’s EZ.

[The image above is is included with permission from Snap2Objects.]

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