About Jack Burns

Jack is a real estate investor and also just a regular DAD living in beautiful central Texas.

He helps RE sellers, RE buyers, RE Investors, Realtors and other entrepreneurs, both locally and all around the country, to solve their real estate, marketing and business challenges.


He is NOT a “guru”, but rather he is prone to helping people. He has not arrived anywhere near his destination, so he also enjoys learning from others too.

Thank you for visiting Jack Burns Online. Especially thank you for your engaging and insightful conversation in the comments area of each post.

Real estate and business solutions are found here…..so get connected with Jack Burns!

And always remember, there are real estate deals everywhere that there are people…..so go get you some! 🙂

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Brush Fires In Austin Alarm RE Investors

Brush Fires In Austin Alarm RE Investors

Brush Fires In Austin Alarm RE Investors that own rental property, or really any property in which they have acquired it via a popular method called “taking a property SUB2” or “subject to the liens”.  They are alarmed and wondering if their property burns down, will they get their insurance claim money. Now a brush …

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Sheila Bair Suggests $21,000 For Keys and Deed

Sheila Bair Suggests $21,000 For Keys and Deed!

Sheila Bair Suggests $21,000 For Keys and Deed! Did someone put a “micky” in Sheila Bair’s drink? According to a report that I just read at DSNews (my apologies that this link was removed in Jan’14: , Sheila Baer is suggesting the lenders give $21, 000 to sellers of 90-day non-performing loans.  Besides the stupidity of …

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Jack Burns Online -- Dark Road Lined With Trees

Jack Burns Online | In The House

Today: In the beginning, there was a long dark road lined with trees…..and Jack Buns Online is IN THE HOUSE!! Ahead: For now, I am going to commit to 1 blog post per week minimum, and ramp it up from there.  I worry, from past experience about my writing diligence, but I think committing to …

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How Has Your Marketing Strategy Evolved

How Has Your Marketing Strategy Evolved?

Recently, I came across this marketing strategy question at Linkedin posed by Nisandeh Neta that I found to be a stimulating topic, so I thought I would ask it here of my RE investor and Realtor friends and see what y’all (YES, that is a valid Texan word..lol) have to say about it.  I hope …

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