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Are You Edumacated On Your SHORTS?

I have been wondering about something….maybe some of you folks may know the answer. Of the following choices, which is the correct grammatical terminology and why? short-sale short sale shortsale Please explain your reasoning for your answer.  Until I hear from you, I will just call them SS to be safe….lol Thank you for your comments …

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Pick Up Your SHORTS….

Lately, a lot of the Realtors at are asking THE DADS how to increase the number of short sale listings, or how to find sellers that need to short sale.  Which is kind of fascinating question to THE DADS because we have never done any marketing or advertisements that did not bring short sale …

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To Short Sale Or NOT To Short Sale?

Hmmm.  The age-old question for a realtor.  Should you or should you not attempt the short sale for your client prospect? Well, if you attempted one or many before…or even if you have never attempted one, you know that they are NOT easy.  They require a lot of extra work for you.  If you stall out …

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Not Original | But It Is KICK BUTT!!

Ok, I know this is cheesy and not original….I saw it in another guy’s blog…..but it is KICK BUTT!! ….and shall we say, “it’s on topic”! Plus, it was a good excuse for me to learn how to embed a video….so there’s the truth! …Enjoy! CALLOWAY – I WANNA BE RICH Related Posts:Dad Life Video