Pick Up Your SHORTS….

Lately, a lot of the Realtors at EZShorts.com are asking THE DADS how to increase the number of short sale listings, or how to find sellers that need to short sale.  Which is kind of fascinating question to THE DADS because we have never done any marketing or advertisements that did not bring short sale leads to our door.  We used to kid around about how they seem to just fall out of the sky.  We would get them without trying to get them.  We really wanted other types of leads, but we kept getting them, so we would do them anyway as kind of icing on the cake or secondary income stream.  And because they just kept coming and coming and we kept getting better and better at working them, now they are our primary business niche.

Anyway, you dont’ want to hear me ramble on about the good ole days….you want to know how to find ’em….right?  Well THE DADS have decided to give you that and a whole lot more of our marketing tips, tricks and gimmicks.  It’s all coming soon.  But in the meantime….there is really just one simple answer to this question.

Answer: WIIFM — What’s In It For Me?   …the age old solution marketing gimmick of all time.  It still works like magic.

Create your marketing and write your advertisement copy as if you have just missed your 1st, 2nd or 5th mortgage payment.  Feel that feeling, the hurt, the agony, the dispair, the confusion, the stress, etc.  Consider all the various trials, tribulations and reasons you are in this financial mess. Put yourself in their shoes as much as you can mentally.  Think about words that caused it and the words that will bring resolution to your growing massive financial house problem to a fast end, then write them down.

Think about the words and short phrases that feel perfect here in this moment, here is a few:

Cause: divorce, seperation, lost job, job transfer, demotion at work, medical bills , bad tenants, etc.

Solutions: quick, cash, fast, stop foreclosure, help, take over payments, any size, any condition, today, buy, now, offer today, etc.

Now mix and match those words in your marketing and advertisement copy and media and then get yourself a heady-duty umbrella….they will fall from the sky.

ex: Recently Divorced? — Sell your house quickly!  Call John Doe at xxx-xxx-xxxx

ex: STOP Foreclosure! — Get cash offers today!  Call Jane Doe at xxx-xxx-xxxx

It is really that simple and EZ…and THE DADS will tell you more details and expand these thoughts in the marketing materials we are preparing to give you.  But that may be a few weeks and I wanted you to have something to start dabbling with now….so stay tuned for more to come on this topic real soon to EZShorts.com regestered agents.

Also, what does NOT work–is thinking your advertisements and marketing are about you, your firm, your broker’s firm, how many listings you have, how many agents you have on your team, how long you been a Realtor, yada, yada, etc…..remember WIIFM.

TIP:  A DISTRESSED SELLER DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!!!   …they only care about  their problem and how to solve it.


You can tell them all that great stuff about you during the listing appointment while they are signing the paperwork, assuming it ever matters…..But I know for ABSOLUTELY certain it will NEVER be WHY they call you!!!

www.EZShorts.com -Stop taking it in the SHORTS!!

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