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Jack Burns Online -- Dark Road Lined With Trees

Jack Burns Online — Dark Road Lined With Trees


In the beginning, there was a long dark road lined with trees…..and Jack Buns Online is IN THE HOUSE!!


For now, I am going to commit to 1 blog post per week minimum, and ramp it up from there.  I worry, from past experience about my writing diligence, but I think committing to you (even though you are not here yet..LOL), I will be able to stay on track with it.

I realize I need to post more frequently, but that is a good start.  I hope to slide a few extra blog posts in there occasionally.   And I think less than that frequency is not really blogging……is it?

Truth Bell

Truth Bell

I will be intending to monetize this blog.  If you know Jack Burns, that is not a shocker…LOL But, if you don’t know Jack Burns, then now, you know the truth.  And I plan to be as honest and transparent as humanly possible and disclose my intentions when things may lead to money exchanging from your wallet to mine.

I have been studying several online marketers, like Pat Flynn of  Smart Passive Income, and I believe this route to be the higher road.

As you can read from his killer blog, it is working very very very well for him.  Talk about a kid giving an old man inspiration!!  …and on many levels of life.  What are you doing still here?  ….go READ Pat’s stuff now.

Side Note 1: I just had a thought worth testing this philosophy to the extreme.  What if I put a little red “truth bell” next to each affiliate link?  Would it affect clicks and conversions positively or negatively?  It is gutsy, but it is worth testing.  Let me make some money first, then I will test it for you later.  😉

Side Note 2: I like to use smiley faces [:-), :^)], winks [;_)], “….” and other text jargon [LOL] quite a lot in my writing habits, so please bear with me.  I will do my best to thin them out as much as possible.  Please don’t complain or send me negative comments about it, just delete me from your reading list or find a way “to love me where I’m at”, until my writing maturity improves. Thanks MUCH in advandce…..  :^)


This will be my 3rd attempt at blogging.  You will find some posts in the archive from earlier blogging days of Jack Burns. Most of my writings in the past were intended to benefit either an RE investor or a Realtor, as will much of my writings here will do too.

Here is one of my favorite posts. It is for the Re investor. It is about the wholesaling niche of real estate investing, it is called “Wholesaling The Boogieman”. It is a great post to read if you are planning to wholesale a house deal to another RE investor for rehabbing. It was also my first ever blog post, so I probably favor it for sentimental reasons….LOL.

So Jack Burns is Online and In The House…..lookout world, the bulldog is back.

~ Jack Burns

PS — Some blogging is not geared for comments and helping one another. That is NOT the case here. I DO want this to be a conversational and engaging blog experience, one that will not just help others by my reading my thoughts, but one that will help my readers (some day they will be here) and especially help me learn from your thoughts too. At Jack Burns Online, the audience is not just listening….the audience is speaking. Thank you very much in advance for your comments. :^)

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    • Cody Davis on 08/08/2012 at 8:18 am
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    Cody Davis here, you purchased a home from me several years back. Thank You! I have a close friend who is trying to sell her home just to break even! give me a call when possible, the home is in the New Braunfels area–my cell is 512-787-3809

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