How Has Your Marketing Strategy Evolved?

Recently, I came across this marketing strategy question at Linkedin posed by Nisandeh Neta that I found to be a stimulating topic, so I thought I would ask it here of my RE investor and Realtor friends and see what y’all (YES, that is a valid Texan have to say about it.  I hope it will help you.  Please comment below and share with all of us about your marketing evolution.

How Has Your Marketing Strategy Evolved

How Has Your Marketing Strategy Evolved?

Following is my commentary on my own marketing evolution:

** Two years ago we never heard of Pay-Per-Click (PPC), now we budget for it.  And not just with Google, but wherever it is available.  Facebook is hot now, but we will utilize it in several places.  We have also avoided banner ads, but now we are learning more effective ways to use them too.  Anyway to generate leads or income from clicks is certainly on the radar now.

** One year ago we did not care about social media, now we are daily diligently trying to figure it out (that is why I’m here now) and implement it into our marketing strategy.  Eventually, as we progress through the learning curve on it, it will become a great lead prospecting and lead generator function.  We see it working well now and it will improve and get better.

** In general we are spending less and less energy, time and money on offline advertising and more and more with online advertising (which we have to be very careful about because we should always be doing both)

** We care more about testimonials now than we did in the past.   We have always collected them, but we never really made the task a priority.  It has to be a priority now.  Testimonials are a social feel good and we know more and more online exposure will lead to occasional negative review or comment, so we “need” those positive testimonials now to combat that new scenario more than ever before.  Social media drives transparency and we are excited to exposed–it leads to a stronger bond with customers and more sales.

** We are test marketing messages, demographics, encounters, channels and cultures and many other aspects we never tested before cause the data was not available offline at easily accessible affordable format, but there is a plethora of new segments of data online that is massive, easy to access and very affordable, usually FREE.  Such as Google Analytics and similar tools that quickly let you see website traffic behavior.

**The clutter is thicker now than ever before for snagging new customers and therefore it is costs more to break-through it too, so we will target previous customers more now than in the past for cross sales and repeat sales.  I think the term is “building relationship ROI”.

This is a few of things I notice I’m doing, thinking, changing and evolving since we started in our real estate adventure business six years ago.  And most of this marketing evolution has come just in the past year…..and it is has been a whirl wind of learning and challenges.  But it is loads of fun and we know even if we are stumbling along, the bumps smooth out over time and payoff well as they smooth out.  So I do not avoid the rocky road, I AIM FOR IT!!

The conversation and comments are yours, so share with all of us what your marketing evolution looks like.

Happy prospecting!!

~ Jack Burns

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